Meet The Chef

A native of Richmond, Virginia, 23-year-old Steve Glenn, Jr., found his calling to cuisine after being inspired by his nana's cooking and being fascinated by the world of culinary alchemy.

At the age of 10, Steve joined his grandmother in the kitchen and was intrigued by her ability to transform raw foods into the most delectable dishes. After losing her to cancer, he continued to follow his passion and implement what she had taught him.

​Once Steve completed high school, he embraced cooking and sought opportunities to develop his own creativity further. He enrolled in the renowned Johnson and Wales University and has since become skilled in creating dishes with local offerings to create flavorful fusion cuisine.

Over the past four years, Steve worked in the field of culinary art while honing his skills as Executive Sous Chef at Richmond Country Club before deciding to venture independently as a personal chef.

He was 21 years old when he signed up to compete on the reality cooking competition, "Hell's Kitchen" with Michelin Chef Gordon Ramsay. The show was filmed in Las Vegas two years ago. However, due to the pandemic, the season premiere was delayed until this year.

​In just a short time, Steve has been able to find the perfect balance between taste, presentation, and perfection. A significant part of his success comes from his diligence, efforts, and hard work helping him advance his ideas of innovative cuisine.

Steve plays five musical instruments and is an avid lover of jazz, swing, and big band music genres. He also grows his own vegetables as a hobby. His culinary experience integrates his love for music with a deep appreciation for great food.

Be sure to watch Chef Steve Glenn on this season of FOX TV’s Hell’s Kitchen:Young Guns, Monday 8|7c.